050-shannon-grahamAre you waiting to achieve [INSERT GOAL] so you can begin to feel enthusiasm, joy, love, passion, connection, curiosity and countless other abundant feelings?

Because the truth is…those external markers of achievement won’t make you feel that way (at least not as much as you’d think.)

The latest episode of the Academy is a special one — and we brought back one of the most listened to guests back to celebrate the drop of Episode 50 with none other than Shannon Graham.

In this episode, we deep dive into the above, or the distinction between what Shannon calls the art of fulfillment and the science of achievement.

We break these down to help you see the key difference and start practicing the art of fulfillment by inserting the activities that make you feel most alive — while moving towards what you want to achieve.

We also dig deep into the steps and mindsets anyone listening can implement to make 2017 their most powerful year ever, how to break free of your most stubborn roadblocks and so much more.

Ep. 50: The Art of Fulfillment & The Science of Achievement



This is an absolute must-listen to start your day, week and year — it’s been an amazing journey to 50 and I want to thank everyone who’s been a part of it.

So much of what we truly want is available to us right now.


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