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Ep. 104 | The Pursuit of Joyful Work with Seth Mattison

The Pursuit of Joyful Work with Seth Mattison


That’s what to expect from this real conversation with my man Seth where we tackle some of the key reflections we’ve been experiencing in the realm of purpose, the pursuit of a craft, social media and embracing white space.

You’re in for a treat today, so take a moment because this one’s going to hit you.

We had the pleasure of doing this interview here in the Scottsdale studio, and it’s always a nice touch when we can go a little deeper.

Who’s Seth? He’s an internationally renowned keynote speaker and expert on workforce trends. He advises many of the world’s leading organizations on the key shifts happening around talent management, change and innovation, leadership, and the future of work.

Recently, he launched Luminate: a powerful content platform to help people navigate and live their best life.

Ep. 104 | The Pursuit of Joyful Work with Seth Mattison

During this riveting and passionate episode, you’ll discover:

  • Defining joy and meaning with our work

  • Why everything starts with an intention

  • The intersection of your gifts with what the world needs

  • How to win half the battle with your habits

  • Understanding the power of surrender in life

  • How to overcome resistance in your routines

  • Navigating the gap from intention to creation

  • Why choosing to be a linchpin is a gamechanger

  • Are you practicing your craft or getting noticed?

  • The power of becoming obsessed with your craft

  • How to use comparison to yourself as leverage

  • Sharing our struggles managing the noise of life

  • The pressure of communication and relevance

  • The power of white space and silence in our lives

  • How to fall in love with your work in the dark

  • The power of putting in thousands of reps

Find your deepest passions, and where they intersect with the world’s needs.

Ep. 104 | The Pursuit of Joyful Work with Seth Mattison

Ep. 104 | Resources & More

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Ep. 104 | The 1% Rule Is Out On Audible!

It’s here! I’m excited to announce The 1% Rule is now out on Audible. You can grab your copy here.

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