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Ep. 105 | Love Your Life and Vibe Higher with Taylor Stone


Today’s a special one with Taylor Stone.

I get the pleasure of speaking to the most important person in my my life, my soul mate and fiancee, Taylor Stone from Inner Goddess Health.

Taylor is an incredible coach and expert in all things mind, body and spirit — helping women all over the world get in tune, increase their self confidence and live a life they can’t wait to wake up for.

She runs Inner Goddess Health and recently released a brand new podcast, VIBE HIGHER, which is out now on iTunes or anywhere else podcasts are found.

One of the reasons we’ve been able to cultivate a power couple relationship is about alignment, law of attraction, manifestation and being willing to make bold and radical decisions in the face of fear.

A former NFL Washington Redskins Cheerleader, Taylor’s story of overcoming anxiety, doubt and making changes in a prior relationship without a safety net will no doubt inspire you to take inventory of your own life.


Ep. 105 | Love Your Life and Vibe Higher with Taylor Stone

During this episode with my amazing fiancee, you’ll discover:

  • Defining success as joy

  • The power of feeling complete when you’re alone

  • How to develop practices and rituals of presence

  • Why purposeful action doesn’t feel like hustle

  • How to incorporate play to feel more fulfilled

  • Tapping into the wisdom of intuition

  • Why your power can be trapped by poor health

  • How to be open to life’s breakthroughs at any moment

  • Building your foundation starts with your morning routine

  • How Taylor upended her entire life in one moment

  • The power of cutting out the noise for clarity in life

  • Why our purpose must be seen as a gift and why we need to act now

    …and so much more in a deep, connected and fun episode with my soul mate.

The answers will be found in the stillness.

Ep. 105 | Love Your Life and Vibe Higher with Taylor Stone

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