Ep. 61 | How To Take The Leap and Elevate Your Life with Angie Lee

Angie Lee is an entrepreneur, podcast host of Hungry For More and co-founder of the Wellpreneur Business Academy where she helps health and fitness coaches create success and design the life of their dreams.

In this episode, we deep dive into an array of topics designed to give you the faith to take the leap in your life and chase what you want. Angie and I are both like-minded in the sense we believe anything is possible, and her infectious energy for life will no doubt inspire you to wake up and take a chance today, whatever that may mean for you.

This episode will fire you up, and help you get on track with your business and life dreams. Angie and I would absolutely love to hear from you, so tag us and find us on social media with the #1 lesson you learned and the action step you’re going to take!


If the first version of your product is perfect, you launched too late. – Angie Lee

Ep. 61 | How To Take The Leap and Elevate Your Life with Angie Lee

During this episode with Angie Lee, we discuss:

  • Creating positive energy
  • Getting uncomfortable daily
  • The truth behind the ‘perfect’ mentality
  • Drowning out your inner self-critic
  • How to take the pressure off yourself
  • The power of letting go of energetic burdens
  • Honoring your own process and journey
  • The power of examining every aspect of your life
  • The importance of ‘gut checks’
  • Developing self-awareness quickly
  • How to reach out to mentors in your industry
  • How anyone can add value to the top players in the game
  • Playing the long game pays off
  • How to stand out and be bold
  • Be a giver in a world full of takers
  • Why instant gratification is killing your mindset
  • Patience is everything in business and life
  • When to know if you should ‘burn the boats’

If one comment or bad review affects you, you have to re-evaluate your mission. – Angie Lee

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