Ep. 68 | Turn Adversity Into Triumph and Thrive with Cole Hatter

The latest Academy episode features Cole Hatter — author, investor, speaker, and entrepreneur. Cole is passionate about truly living life, creating massive financial success for himself and others, and most importantly, giving back. Cole has taught tens of thousands of people to be more than just alive, but to become the best versions of themselves, create massive profits, and then impact others by living a life of significance.

Cole’s story is absolutely riveting as he escaped death 2 times in the span of the same year and found his purpose through deep adversity. Cole’s story of losing everything, even temporarily his ability to walk, to now having monumental success is truly inspirational.

In this episode, we discuss how to turn adversity into triumph, why challenges are designed to make you better, the power of living purposeful, how to make an impact doing what you love, where young entrepreneurs make mistakes and why he launched Thrive, an amazing event held once a year.

“I measure my success around the lives I’m able to touch and impact outside of my own.” – Cole Hatter 

Ep. 68 | Turn Adversity Into Triumph and Thrive with Cole Hatter

During this impactful and thriving episode, we discuss:

  • Cole’s definition of success around impact
  • Why abundance allows us to give back
  • How Cole found his purpose from two near-death experiences
  • Transforming adversity into power
  • Anyone can be a victim or a victor
  • Making your purpose and legacy bigger than yourself
  • The 4 step system to finding your purpose
  • Examining your story to find challenges to help others
  • Quarterly self-audits to take inventory
  • How to find what deeply resonates with you
  • The power of creating for purpose business models
  • Using accountability towards your impact model
  • Surrounding yourself with the best
  • The power of coaching and masterminds
  • The truth about entrepreneurship
  • Cole’s 4 successful businesses out of 30
  • The power of mentorship in life
  • Why not everyone is meant for entrepreneurship
  • The purpose of THRIVE the event

“My wins in business greatly exceed my losses, but I was willing to play and fail.” – Cole Hatter 

Ep. 68 | Turn Adversity Into Triumph and Thrive with Cole Hatter

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