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Episode 69 – Brandon T Adams

Ep. 69 | Stop Waiting and Close The Gap From Idea To Execution with Brandon T Adams

The latest Academy episode features Brandon T Adams — entrepreneur, inventor, podcast host and crowdfunding expert. I was introduced to Brandon through a mutual friend and prior Academy Alumni — and let’s just say we bring the heat during this episode.

Brandon and I have a mutual energy and passion for life, making this episode one of those that will bring you the fire — no matter where you’re at in your life and business and where you’ve been sitting on the sidelines.

Let’s be honest: when you play small, it serves no one — especially yourself. Leaping into the unknown isn’t easy, but it’s where the magic is and in this episode with Brandon T Adams, we deep dive into the ways you can start living your authentic vision, purpose, and passion today — no excuses, no stories, no more holding back.

“Look in the mirror and compete with yourself every single day instead of focusing on others.” – Brandon T Adams 

Ep. 69 | Stop Waiting and Close The Gap From Idea To Execution with Brandon T Adams

In this no-holds-barred, passionate conversation, we’ll teach you:

  • Why success is being the best you
  • Why video is dominating business
  • Deep diving on Think & Grow Rich
  • The power of free distribution in 2017
  • Authenticity is being who you are
  • Why people want to be part of your movement
  • Learning to love your critics and ‘haters’
  • How to be inspired by the hyper-successful
  • The dangers of playing the comparison game
  • How to find your passion by trying new things
  • Revolutionizing the way you see and define success
  • Why values and priorities matter in goal setting
  • Understanding the seasons of your life
  • Closing the gap from idea to execution
  • Why ideas are worth nothing in entrepreneurship
  • Sell first, then build your product or service
  • How to start your own TV show
  • Stretch your fear capacity every single day
  • The power of competing with yourself
  • Why sales is your ethical duty to others
  • Why you should increase your rates today
  • How to prepare for the biggest stages in life

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself and find your passion by doing and trying everything.” – Brandon T Adams 

Ep. 69 | Brandon T Adams Online & Links

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