Ep. 74 | Become Profitably Unemployable with Michael O’Neal

The latest Academy episode features podcast host, solopreneur, performer and speaker — Michael O’ Neal. Michael is the host of a hyper successful podcast four years running called The Solopreneur Hour.

In the Solopreneur Hour, the audience is treated to lively conversations, candid insights, and bold advice for proudly #unemployable people who are primed for real prosperity and fulfillment.

Michael’s passion for business and living a life of freedom will no doubt inspire you, and we’ll give you some in the trenches, tactical tools to get started today.

Remember: the world is rapidly changing, and the workforce as we know it is transforming before our very eyes. At a base level, we are all solopreneurs of our own brand, no matter what we do or who we work for.

Ep. 74 | Become Profitably Unemployable with Michael O’Neal

In this tactical driven, value-rich conversation we discuss:

  • The power of stand up comedy
  • Blending performance with content
  • Dissolving space and time in pursuit of mastery
  • The power of consistency and focus
  • Setting false expectations leads to quitting
  • What you need to focus on early on in business
  • Why the process matters more than the outcome
  • Letting your audience tell you what they want
  • The biggest mistake when crafting your launch
  • The power of celebrating small, daily wins
  • What you know already is enough to get started
  • How any niche you love can be monetized
  • Finding your audience platform online
  • How to create an extra part time income
  • The key to success is simplicity
  • How to open your mind for possibility
  • Defining what it takes to be ‘unemployable’

Ep. 74 | Become Profitably Unemployable with Michael O’Neal

Ep. 74 | Tired Of Doing Things You Hate In Your Business?

Accounting, book-keeping, invoicing…

Not my zone of genius, and probably not yours.

If you’re an entrepreneur, solo-preneuer or simply have a side hustle, you need to use this amazing cloud accounting software that does everything for you — simple and easy.

As Michael O’ Neil said above, we’re going to evolve as we grow our brand and business and many times that means building a team.

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