Ep. 75 | Negotiate Like Your Life Depends On It with Chris Voss

The latest Academy episode is a special one — with former FBI Hostage Negotiator and author of “Never Split The Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It”, Chris Voss.

Chris brings decades of experience in the realm of high stakes negotiation in the tensest of situations: kidnappings and terrorist organizations in life and death circumstances.

But let’s face it: you and I are unlikely to be in those anytime soon — yet every single day we deal with our own high stakes situations where negotiating, influence and communication are absolutely crucial.

Whether it’s dealing with a customer service rep, a relationship conflict or buying a new car — effective negotiation can change your life.

In this episode, we dig deep on the simple, practical and highly effective techniques for you to use today.

Ep. 75 | Negotiate Like Your Life Depends On It with Chris Voss

In this tactical driven, value-rich conversation with expert Chris Voss, we discuss:

  • Negotiation is about working with people, not against
  • The power of working on communication and language
  • Chris’s journey from SWAT team to FBI hostage negotiator
  • Learning negotiation from years on a suicide hotline
  • Why the fear of loss drives most human behavior
  • How to defuse tension to get what both people want
  • Why business conflicts are more intense than terrorism
  • What time does to confrontation and conflict
  • The power of emotional intelligence in life and business
  • Why it’s not what you say, but your delivery
  • The power of ‘mirroring’ for connection and influence
  • Why we must understand that everyone wants to be heard
  • How to negotiate in sales, business, and relationships
  • The big mistakes you can’t afford to make
  • The cost of not connecting emotionally with others
  • The unseen opportunity cost of bad negotiations
  • Expressing what others are thinking and feeling

“Never be mean to someone who could hurt you by doing nothing.” – Chris Voss

Ep. 75 | Negotiate Like Your Life Depends On It with Chris Voss

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