Ep. 85 | Shatter the Illusion of Perfect and Maximize Success with Sue Hawkes

Shatter the Illusion of Perfect and Maximize Success with Sue Hawkes

The latest Academy episode features a best-selling author, Certified EOS Implementer, Certified Management Effectiveness Coach, and internationally recognized seminar leader — Sue Hawkes.

Sue’s specialty lies in effective communication, leadership, coaching and organizational excellence. Sue founded and serves as CEO of YESS!, a company that partners with organizations and leaders committed to translating their training and coaching investment into high-return performance and sustainability.

She recently launched an amazing book designed to give you the crucial tools, skills, and overall mindsets to allow you to thrive in a changing world — Chasing Perfection: Shatter The Illusion; Minimize Self-Doubt & Maximize Success.

During this episode, we go deep into the principles behind the book designed to help you in all facets of life, including leaving perfectionism behind once and for all and simply putting yourself out there.

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We don’t know what balance is — until we’re out of balance. – Sue Hawkes

Ep. 85 | Shatter the Illusion of Perfect and Maximize Success with Sue Hawkes

In this engaging, deep and practical episode — you’ll discover:

  • Why success is about impact over everything else
  • The power of listening and taking time to be curious
  • Why our culture is dying for everyone to be ‘real’
  • The power of remembering what’s important in life
  • Why creating space and creating space from the ego is crucial
  • How to be a leader and make tough decisions
  • The distinction between perfection and excellence
  • Why letting go of perfect allows us to celebrate now
  • The power of honoring the wins along the way
  • Why the process is more powerful than the outcome
  • How to fall in love with the process over the long-term
  • Why balance is bullshit and holding you back
  • The power of deep reflection after big life changes
  • Why we say ‘yes’ to way too much in life and business
  • How to become unf**kwithable and at peace with yourself
  • Why intuition is your superpower and is whispering to you
  • Turn off the phone and TV and fall in love with disconnection

…and so much more for you to take home and start using today as we get ready for a new year.

Chasing Perfection

Create discipline to allow the time to simply “be” instead of always “doing.”

Ep. 85 | Shatter the Illusion of Perfect and Maximize Success with Sue Hawkes

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