Ep. 89 | Double Your Business and Unleash Your Impact with Michael Zeller

Double Your Business and Unleash Your Impact with Michael Zeller

The first Academy episode of the year is a return of a former guest — entrepreneur, consultant and all around gamechanger, Michael Zeller.

Michael runs several successful businesses in all types of industries that boil down to one core mission, which is to: encourage humankind in finding their purposes, living in a state of abundant generosity with boldness and joy, connecting to others with open hearts; embracing all of the opportunities life has given them with the wisdom of a king and the enthusiasm of a child.

Michael was with the Academy initially during episode 6 way back when. In that time since, we have connected on a deeper level, and today we pull it all back to take your business, mindset, and income to the next level in 2018.

There is no doubt there are thousands of dollars of value in this episode if you decide and choose to take action and integrate.

With that said, we’d love to hear from you — tag me Instagram at tommy_resistaverage and Mike over at @michaelrzeller and screenshot yourself listening to the episode and we will get back to you!

Clarity precedes momentum, and confidence. – Mike Zeller 

Ep. 89 | Double Your Business and Unleash Your Impact with Michael Zeller

There is no doubt you will find massive value in this episode no matter what stage of career or business you may be in, including:

  • Why clarity is essential to get to the next level
  • Why doing more of the same is a recipe for disaster
  • The opportunity cost of indecision is massive
  • How to make decisions before the crisis moment
  • The power of space, bandwidth, and perspective in life
  • Creating a reflection and space calendar
  • Identifying and escaping the “middle-class mindset”
  • Why the greatest investment in business is you
  • Identifying the bottleneck in your business
  • How to turn your action plan from “me” to “we”
  • Using the life or death exercise in business
  • The power of taking inventory of your activity
  • Why letting go of control is incredibly difficult
  • How to inspire others to do work they love
  • Why investing in yourself is a declaration
  • Why abundance is a daily choice
  • The power of shifting your environment to grow
  • 3 keys to look for when joining a Mastermind experience
  • The power of being fully present and ‘there’

…and so much more — designed to take your business, income, and impact to the next level.

We won’t create the breakthroughs in life without being fully present. – Mike Zeller 

Ep. 89 | Double Your Business and Unleash Your Impact with Michael Zeller

Ep. 89| Ready To Level Up With A Like Minded Tribe?

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