Ep. 96 | How To Make the Impossible Possible with Rich Litvin

The latest Academy episode features high-performance coach and author, Rich Litvin.

Rich is a total rockstar and someone I’ve wanted to have on the show for a while and he’s an expert at taking high-achievers to the greatest levels of success and co-wrote the amazing book, The Prosperous Coach.

He works with the best of the best, extraordinary people to take them to the next level. His specialty, as you’ll discover during this episode — is holding space and creating perspective through deep conversations.

This episode is for everyone, because as you’ll learn — high performance is available to anyone through the principles we both discuss and deep dive into through this powerful, immersive session.

Your life will increase exponentially with your ability to have uncomfortable conversations. – Rich 

Ep. 96 | How To Make the Impossible Possible with Rich Litvin

During this inspiring conversation with Rich, you’ll discover:

  • Why success for Rich means integration in life
  • Why the greatest ROI sometimes can’t be measured
  • The power of conducting an energy audit in our lives
  • Why deletion and creating space is crucial to grow
  • The key to facing uncomfortable conversations in life
  • The power of holding the energy that people don’t like you
  • How to lean into hard conversations and decisions with trust
  • Holding tension in relationships and conversations
  • Why friends and family can keep us in our comfort zone
  • Why we must ask for permission before coaching
  • The difference between a powerful coach and a savior
  • Why you are so much more powerful than you know
  • The hardest part about leveling up is letting go
  • Why many high achievers feel incredibly lonely
  • Why authentic leadership starts from the inside out
  • The most powerful way to cultivate self-awareness
  • Why high achievers rarely celebrate an accomplishment

…and so much more — designed to give you the real talk, intensity, and power of taking 100% responsibility for every area of your life and most importantly implementing.

You can have everything you’ve ever wanted and still feel completely empty on the inside. – Rich

Ep. 96 | How To Make the Impossible Possible with Rich Litvin

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