Ep. 97 | Open Wide with Melissa Ambrosini

Ep. 97 | Open Wide with Melissa Ambrosini

On the latest Academy episode, I’m super pumped to welcome Melissa Ambrosini to the show.

Melissa is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, host of ‘The Melissa Ambrosini Show’ podcast, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and self-love teacher.

Named a ‘self-help guru’ by Elle Magazine, her message — that love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word — has inspired women across the globe to activate their dreams and live life on their own terms.

She recently released her latest book, Open Wide: A Radically Real Guide to Deep Love, Rocking Relationships, and Soulful Sex.

You’ve been asking for some rockstar women and Melissa fits the bill and in this episode, we are going to deep dive into relationships, ego, self-compassion and growth to set yourself up for success.

Lean into the courage, instead of hanging out in the comfort. – Melissa 

Ep. 97 | Open Wide with Melissa Ambrosini

During this inspiring conversation with Melissa, you’ll discover:

  • The power of living a life in alignment and flow
  • Why creativity, fun, and play makes business better
  • Why awareness is crucial to make the right decisions
  • How to catch yourself from automatic behaviors
  • Why your ego wants to keep you playing small
  • Understanding the two voices inside your head
  • Why you must act on your insights and intuition
  • How to cultivate patience with big visions in life
  • The power of letting go of how our vision should look
  • Why the process is the best part of any outcome
  • How to fall in love with becoming the best you
  • Why we need to constantly release pressure
  • How we miss out on a deep and powerful connection
  • The power of opening up and getting vulnerable in life
  • Are you being open right now or being closed off?
  • Defining “CCC” or crystal clear communication
  • Why relationships are the fastest path to growth
  • Why triggers are beautiful mirrors for ourselves

…and so much more — designed to give you a powerful feminine perspective on growth, space, energy and love so you can deepen your life.

You cultivate awareness by sitting with yourself and getting to know yourself. – Melissa

Ep. 97 | Open Wide with Melissa Ambrosini

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