Ep. 99 | Work Hard and Play Hard with Rob Murgatroyd

On the latest Academy episode, I’m pumped to be joined by an entrepreneur, world traveler, and podcaster — Rob Murgatroyd. Rob currently runs several businesses as well as an awesome podcast, the Work Hard, Play Hard Podcast which I was featured on for Episode #25.

Rob’s mission is simple: help people master the Work Hard, Play Hard counter-balance to inject fun, play and passion into life. This is a fun, powerful, inspiring conversation where we deep dive into several principles in the game of life, business, scaling, systems, travel and even relationships.

You always need to listen to the voice inside of you, and act on that voice. – Rob 

Ep. 99 | Work Hard and Play Hard with Rob Murgatroyd

During this awesome episode with Rob, you’ll discover:

  • Why success means having options, agency and freedom
  • Why pain and adversity can teach you what you don’t want
  • The power of shifting yourself physically as a catalyst
  • How to shift information and content into real world results
  • Why modeling is valuable, but must be matched internally
  • The power of defining what we really want and why
  • Why we need to chase fulfillment, purpose and passion
  • Understanding the keys to self-awareness for what you want
  • Why freedom involves mastering processes and systems
  • The moment Rob decided things would never be the same
  • Why we need humbling experiences to choose new paths
  • The power of exploring hobbies, passions and interests
  • Why we must become self aware of the trends in our lives
  • How to build your side hustle and when to transition out
  • Defining ‘play hard’ and why it’s so crucial to fulfillment
  • Why more work and hustle is not the answer to growth
  • How to have powerful, connected relationships in life

…and so much more — designed to give you a new perspective on how to integrate high levels of play and fun into your work life.

If you don’t know how to play, you’ve got to figure that out. What lights you up? Do that. – Rob

Ep. 99 | Work Hard and Play Hard with Rob Murgatroyd

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