What If You Could Stop Feeling Stuck,

and Experience Exponential Growth,

Results and Momentum?

Here’s the truth:

There will never be a ‘right’  time to step into the arena of your life and business —and choose to bring your dreams to life.

If you’re here, you’ve likely told yourself:

One day, I’ll chase what I really want. Someday, I’ll go all in on my business. When the time is right,I’ll launch.


Because this is how you create a life you can’t wait to escape from—and become a cynic to your own dreams.




It’s time to close the gap between your current reality and your true potential.

The Arena by Resist Average Academy is a hybrid experience, designed to bridge the

gap to your success with:


A curriculum based, step by step system you will be taught live.


It’s one thing to have the information to create results, but another to integrate: this is where coaching comes in.


You become who you hang around with a like minded community unlike
any other.

The Arena Was Crafted To Help You.

  • Get unstuck and hyper clear on your vision
  • Close the gap between where you are and where you’re going
  • Release overwhelm and reverse engineer your goals
  • Get unstuck and hyper clear on your vision
  • Put you back in control of your thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Double down on your strengths and identify your blind spots
  • Unlock your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly performance
  • Identify the needle movers of your life and business
  • Create leverage, growth, scale and ultimately, freedom

  …and most importantly, give you the confidence that comes when you know your life and business are on track.

– Because let’s face it –

There’s Nothing Worse Than

Than Knowing You’re Meant For More,

But Feeling Stuck and

and Spinning Your Wheels.

Because The Arena is not your typical ‘membership’ group with an ‘influencer’ who shows up to teach more information

It’s about your transformation.

The Arena is an exclusive training portal where we focus on your:

Personal Mastery

Master your mindset, habits, routines, performance, structure, discipline, focus, ability to overcome fear, doubt, uncertainty and access personal power on a daily basis.

Business Mastery

Master your ability to breakthrough your current financial status, learn the skills of marketing, influence, sales, communication, leadership, systems, delegation, content creation and more.


BEFORE: $2K/month income, broke, unhappy and miserable.

AFTER: 5X income, back in the driver’s seat, hired a team and on his way to 7 figures.

“I was in a place in my life where I knew something had to change. If I hadn’t started working with Tommy, I can’t imagine where I would be right now. Because everything changed: I stepped into my power and took action on the things I wanted to do for years. I tripled my income in the short time. If anyone is thinking about it, do it. He cares about his clients and he gets them results.”

– Preston Pugmire

When You Enter

The Arena,

Here’s exactly what you’re going to get

Bi-Weekly Live Training

Every two weeks, Tommy Baker will train and coach you and the intimate group with a proven curriculum live.

Proven Accountability

You’ll have access to the daily and weekly forms of my 1-1 training clients so you stay consistent day in and day out.

Daily Access & Coaching

Through our Private Community, you will be supported daily with group and individual work to create integration and results.

Premier Tools & Content

You will receive performance tools through the mail, including planners, journals and books.

1-1 Hot Seat Access

Facing an obstacle and don’t know what to do? Achieve instant clarity and momentum with individual coaching.

A Supportive Tribe

You will be part of a community designed to lift you up and respect you enough to challenge you.


BEFORE: Working part time for a garage gym and for himself in the fitness industry.
AFTER: Completed a successful pivot to solely online training, created a 6 figure income and then pivoted 100% to training and coaching others.

Enrollment Is Limited

And Membership Is Capped at 50 Members

This experience was designed to give you the coaching and results you need at a fraction of the rate of my private offerings.

With The Arena, you get the highest level of training for the most affordable rate possible.

Imagine Where You Could Be In 3, 6, or 12 Months of Consistent Growth In Your Life and Business.

The Arena


(LIMITED TO 50 19 Slots Left)
  • Bi-Weekly Training & Coaching
  • Private Membership Community
  • Access To Accountability Forms
  • 1-1 Hot Seat Requests For Clarity
  • Physical Tools, Books & Content

The Arena Inner Circle



  • Bi-Weekly Training & Coaching
  • Private Membership Community
  • Access To Accountability Forms
  • 1-1 Hot Seat Requests For Clarity
  • Physical Tools, Books & Content
  • 1X Private Video Coaching Session with Tommy [Monthly]
  • Private Voxer Broadcast Access
    (Audionotes From Tommy)
  • Access to The 7-12 Formula Productivity Course

I’m Interested,
But I’ve Got Questions

This is for you if you know it’s time for you to get serious and committed about growing your life and business while creating the results you want. You’re tired of being in the same place, and you’re done waiting.

You will need to contact our team 30 days before to cancel. If you cancel, you cannot re-enroll in The Arena for 12 months to ensure a place of commitment.

The bi-weekly live training will happen through Zoom HD conferencing video, the current membership will live on a Secret Facebook group and you will be trained and taught through an exclusive email list.


The Business Mastery training will be focused towards those who either run their own business, have a side hustle or idea to bring to the marketplace. We will dive into influence, sales, digital marketing, systems, leadership and more. However, all of this can be applied to you within an organization, and our tools have helped people leapfrog their peers and receive the promotion they desired.


The Arena is an affordable hybrid coaching model —and 1-1 access happens with the Hot Seats done on the calls or inside of the group setting. You’ll also have access to recorded coaching inside the group if the issue is urgent. If you want a private 1-1 monthly coaching session with Tommy, enroll in The Arena Inner Circle.

We give you everything you need inside The Arena: the mindset, tools, tactics and strategy that took us a decade and hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire and refine. Like anything, what you put in will determine your success.

If you join The Arena today and commit to the training sessions for the next 30 days and aren’t connecting with the material, it’s on us. 


Adrian Kierans

“In 90 days, I changed my life. When I signed up, I was in confusion and frustration. I was overwhelmed, and I didn’t know where my life and business were going. I felt lost, even though I was making a good living, but I wasn’t going anywhere. I’m not new to self development or investing in myself through mentors, or consultants, but for me this is the best investment I have ever made in this space.”

Frank Sole

“I felt like I was all over the place. I was trying to be too many things to too many people and Tommy’s process helped me get clear on moving forward. It is the best investment I ever made, with an exceptional amount of direction, camaraderie, purpose and passion like never before. Do not wait.”

Meet Your Arena Head Trainer & Leader

Tommy Baker is not your typical coach, speaker and author. He will go in the trenches with you with support and light a fire under you to ensure you live up to your potential.


As author of UnResolution, The 1% Rule and The Leap Of Your Life, Tommy believes living up to our potential is what we’re here for.


Are you next?

It’s Time To Go All

In On Yourself

Enter The Arena Now