Ep. 119 | From Zero to $350 Million with Brian Scudamore

brian scudamore resist averageThe latest Academy guest is none other than Brian Scudamore —entrepreneur, visionary and owner of 1-800-GOT-JUNK. Brian’s story of starting out with one truck and $700 to build a quarter billion empire (billion with a b) is nothing short of inspiring. He’s also the recent author of WTF?! (Willing to Fail): How Failure Can Be Your Key to Success.

What I love about Brian’s message is how he’s able to blend the principles of mindset, principles and living your best life into a business that most wouldn’t consider “sexy” or “purpose driven.”

And that’s perfect, because it details a point I’ve made before: you and I can live with purpose, even if the deliverable to the marketplace isn’t our actual purpose.

During this riveting, fun and passionate conversation, you’re going to learn how Brian went from one idea, $700 and one truck to build an empire, how he had to fire 11 employees in one shot by trusting his gut, how to paint a bold vision without getting lost in the how, why hiring on attitude is key to building a powerhouse culture and so much more.


During this deep and riveting episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why success is all about the long game
  • How to tap into the core purpose of your business
  • The power of making meaning, not money
  • Why reflection is as important as execution
  • Why Brian fired his entire staff in one shot
  • How to make tough, yet powerful decisions
  • Why finding the right people is everything
  • How to stay true to your core purpose and mission
  • Crafting a powerful mission without getting lost in the “how”
  • Why the comparison game will bring you down
  • How to step into pure possibility of your future
  • Brian’s vision of getting on Oprah’s show
  • Why your impossible vision becomes your North Star
  • How to get people enrolled in your vision or off the bus
  • Why hiring on attitude is much more important than skill

…and so much more in a riveting, powerful and on fire conversation designed to shift your game.

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“My real motivation is making meaning, not money.” – Brian Scudamore 

Ep. 119 | From Zero to $350 Million with Brian Scudamore

“The greatest wealth has been the intellectual wealth, love and happiness.” – Brian Scudamore 

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