Ep. 112 | How To Transform Your Life with Chris and Heidi Powell


One of my favorite words in the world, because it means one thing and one thing only:

Radical change that improves our lives.

But how do we get there? How do we cultivate faith and trust when nothing seems to be working? What are the core essentials to enduring transformations?

That’s exactly why I brought on some of the best in the business, Chris and Heidi Powell who have helped countless people transform their lives.

This power couple is full of heart, energy and enthusiasm and have taken the fitness and coaching world by storm. During this episode, we dive deep into equipping you with the faith, trust and resilience you’ll need during your path of bringing your dreams to life.

In this fun, deep and engaging conversation —you’ll discover:

  • Chris and Heidi’s definition of success
  • Why impact will always matter over income
  • The power of hitting rock bottom for change
  • Sometimes we need someone to believe in our dreams
  • The power of taking one step every single day
  • How to keep faith and trust in your grand vision
  • Why most people have lottery syndrome
  • How to appreciate what you have right now
  • Tapping into why you want your big goals
  • The power of being vulnerable and sharing our truth
  • Why playing the victim game has zero pay off
  • Why helping others starts with helping yourself
  • The power of being real and raw in relationships
  • The evolution of Chris and Heidi’s connection
  • The keys to transformation from thousands of people

“Success is knowing the people in my life feel happy, appreciated and taken care of, including me.” – Heidi Powell 

Ep. 112 | How To Transform Your Life with Chris and Heidi Powell

During this powerful, deep and riveting conversation with Christine Hassler, you’ll discover:

  • Why success is an internal feeling
  • The power of inner peace in our lives
  • Why contrast in life is powerful for growth
  • Why it’s okay to let yourself feel bad at times
  • The power of being honest with your feelings
  • What to do with an identity rocking experience
  • How to drop the ego and tap into your power
  • Why surrender needs to be experienced in life
  • Why we must move our emotional energy
  • How to avoid spiritual bypassing and miss ourselves
  • How to supercharge your intuition daily
  • Why releasing the noise and clutter is crucial
  • Why the ego will talk you out of insights
  • Releasing blame and guilt to ourselves
  • The power of creating a vision and letting go

…and so much more in a real and powerful conversation designed to create a shift within you!


“Losing everything was the best thing that ever happened to me.” – Chris Powell 

Ep. 112 | How To Transform Your Life with Chris and Heidi Powell

Ep. 112| Does Your Health Hold You Back?

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