Ep. 135 | Why Generalists Win In a Specialized World with David Epstein

David Epstein range podcastSpecialize, specialize, specialize: we are pounded with why specialization is key to enduring success in life, sport and business. From 7-year-old kids committing to football to the world of entrepreneurship and skill acquisition —we’re being told to go deeper, not wider.

But is this advice actually valuable, or is it setting us up for an array of unforeseen consequences?

Enter the latest Academy guest, a New York Times Bestselling author of The Sports Gene and now his latest book, Range: Why Generalists Triumph In A Specialized World —David Epstein.

David is a pure academic and researcher who wanted to answer this question once and for all, and the answers may surprise you. I first stumbled across this book during a routine visit to Barnes & Noble, and couldn’t put it down.

Then, I realized David had debated the one and only Malcolm Gladwell, which I linked below.

In this episode, you’re going to learn the power of acquiring multiple skills, why it’s never too late for you to get started, the surprising age of the average start-up founder, why being an expert creates blind spots, the power of creating your own category through seemingly unrelated skill acquisition and much, much more.

“Late specializers zoom past the early specializers. “– David Epstein

David Epstein rangeEp. 135 | Why Generalists Win In a Specialized World with David Epstein

You can find his story and message online here:

“Sometimes, what causes rapid progress short term can undermine your long term development. – David Epstein

Ep. 135 | David Epstein and Malcolm Gladwell Debate

I loved listening to this debate amongst two incredible researchers and writers.

Ep. 135 | The Leap Of Your Life is Now Released!

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