Ep. 121 | Millionaire Success Habits with Dean Graziosi

The latest Resist Average Academy podcast episode is designed to create the catalyst you’ve been looking for and wake you up. Today I’m excited to have Dean Graziosi on the show —entrepreneur, real estate mogul and one of the most successful marketers of all time. But what makes Dean special isn’t all his accolades: it’s how he shows up with enthusiasm, energy and purpose.

Dean’s book, Millionaire Success Habits is also a gamechanger and he’s a force to be reckoned with. I’ve read it several times and absolutely tore it up with highlighters and notes. After a challenging upbringing with endless divorces and constantly struggling to make ends meet, Dean’s energy can be felt from miles away as he transformed every part of his life. Now, he’s in circles with the best of the best and he came on the Academy for an audio and special video recording from his studio in Scottsdale, AZ.

Spin the episode on video below and comment back to us with your biggest lesson:

During this deep and riveting episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to define success in life and business
  • Why impact will endure much longer than income
  • How to dig deep into your why and learn who you are
  • Why pain is a great motivator to create new results
  • How to release conditional living in life and business
  • Why becoming wealthy leads to abundance for everyone
  • Dean’s story of coming from nothing to his first million
  • Why the feeling of freedom is what everyone wants
  • How to get unstuck and create momentum right now
  • What to do the moment you set your goal and vision
  • How to avoid the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship

…and so much more in a riveting, powerful and on fire conversation designed to shift your game.

If you REALLY want to be successful —ask yourself who you want to be in ten years. – Dean Graziosi 

Ep. 121 | Millionaire Success Habits with Dean Graziosi

If you can reach forward in your life and find out who you are, reverse that to now and fight like hell to get there. -Dean Graziosi 

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