Ep. 108 | Turn Your Breakdown into Your Breakthrough with Donny Starkins

Are you willing to make your breakdown, your breakthrough?

Donny Starkins, international yoga instructor, mindfulness teacher and personal development coach did exactly that and joins us on the Academy for a powerful episode.

After enduring several knee injuries and giving up his dream of professional athletics, Donny went down the rabbit hole of addiction until one day…

He woke up, and found his purpose.

Today, Donny’s purpose is to help others find their purpose through the teachings of yoga, meditation, and self-development. He’s committed to living the yoga practice off the mat and sharing it with the world.

Donny’s story is something we can all relate to, and is full of vulnerability, growth and charting the path for what he does today.

The answers are within you. There is no need to look somewhere else. 

Ep. 108 | Turn Your Breakdown into Your Breakthrough with Donny Starkins

During this powerful conversation with Donny, you’ll discover:

  • Understanding that we are created in this world to fulfill a purpose
  • Knowing why deep-diving within yourself is crucial to understanding your sole purpose
  • How self-love is important and how yoga is the best form of self-love
  • Why people become uncomfortable of awareness and consciousness
  • How our mind can be our only sole distraction
  • Breaking the cycle of falling into the rabbit hole of victim mentality and doubt
  • How the mind has to power to make us feel homeless, lost, and disconnected
  • How the power of pausing, disconnecting, and meditation can shift your whole perspective
  • Awareness and why it is vital to change your life
  • Importance of finding balance
  • How to be in the moment, or in the zone and use it to increase awareness and find clarity
  • Why awareness of the present moment brings about significant changes in your life
  • Being honest with oneself is the first step to understanding your purpose in life
  • How to shift and connect your head to your heart and let it lead the way
  • The importance of selfishness in order to be selfless

…and so much more in a real and powerful conversation designed to create a shift within you!

Ep. 108 | Turn Your Breakdown into Your Breakthrough with Donny Starkins

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