In this latest episode of Resist Average Academy, our guest
is Luka Hocevar, a fitness entrepreneur, speaker, writer and
seeker of knowledge who currently runs Vigor Ground &
Performance, a training facility in Seattle, WA as well as The Pack
Fitness Business consulting.

Luka is a no frills, in your face, honest dude who tells it like
it is and shares his story of growing up overseas in Slovenia,
building his business there and then having to be humble and start
absolutely fresh in the U.S.

In this episode we go through many inspiring and actionable
topics, such as Luka’s vision for Vigor for creating better humans,
why developing yourself is the best business tool, the power of
radical self awareness, living by a code, how to stay curious and
never stop learning and what it truly takes to succeed in business
(it’s not all flowers and good times)…and so much more.

This is a real, inspiring and deep session which will leave you
ready to attack your business or the world with more energy and

To learn more about Luka and his various businesses and
projects, visit:

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