Tyson James Lee, AKA the “Action Boss” has been training clients for over 7 years and has a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine, launching his company, TyFit.

TyFit is a company built on delivering the truth to the world about nutrition and fitness. The company’s mission is to have a direct impact on the obesity epidemic in America.

TyFit teaches weight loss, muscle gain, injury recovery, anti-aging and ultimate human performance. Tyson spends countless hours researching and trying the most effective ways to achieve your ultimate body of health.

Tyson has overcome several career and life threatening injuries from a Strep A blood infection that left him crippled to blowing out 3 discs in his back. Each time he was forced to discover more effective ways to achieve peak performance without putting severe stress on the body.

In this episode, we go through the psychology of food, why we are all responsible for the obesity epidemic, how to eat quality foods on a budget, seeing food as an investment versus an expense and transforming your thinking around what you put in your mouth and how you treat your body.

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