Firas Zahabi is one of the most sought out and respected coaches in MMA and UFC, coaching the likes of Georges St. Pierre, Rory McDonald and Kenny Florian and runs one of the most respected training gyms in the world, Tristar Gym.
Once called “The Modern Day Bruce Lee”, Firas is a student of philosophy and shares timeless lessons about how to live a life in line with one’s true values and virtues, and defining success with Mind, Body & Spirit. Although he trains athletes in the most lethal sport on the planet, it is the way he lives and embodies the warrior philosophy which will blow your mind.

In this episode, we discussed…

  • the key distinction between knowledge and wisdom
  • why being a virtuous person means you’re successful
  • understanding emotional and happiness set points in your life
  • why the West identifies with what we do and what we have
  • the power of authenticity in regards to success
  • cheating and performance enhancement in high-level UFC fighting
  • intrinsic vs. extrinsic rewards and why chasing the external is fleeting
  • building the foundation in our lives based on who we want to be
  • how to develop an unbreakable foundation in life
  • why we wrap our identities around what we do and have
  • Aristotle’s definition of pleasure and pain and what drives humans
  • the Buddhist cycle of life called samsara
  • why our modern day luxuries make us depressed

…and so much more.

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