Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle are two young entrepreneurs, business owners, a power couple and owners of The Billion Dollar Body.
The Billion Dollar Body was designed to help each man to return to their true self – to push their body and mind to the limit – to actively grow and be accountable to the bigger vision of their life. Through the cornerstone of fitness and health, each member of this motivated brotherhood is dedicated to serving their own desires and goals, as they commit to looking and feeling like a billion bucks.
In this episode, we discuss the importance of living with purpose, why health is the foundational aspect to follow through on our goals, where most people go wrong with setting and achieving habits, how they built a relationship and business together, how to find people that challenge you and so much more.
Let’s face it, our culture puts things like sleep and eating healthy on the backburner when it is the most crucial foundation to the way we feel, which makes this episode a can’t miss.
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