Jason Sani is a nutrition and fitness expert, authority, coach and ambassador who works with people to truly tune in to a way of eating, training and being healthy that works around people’s lifestyle.

One of Jason’s core strengths is breaking things down in a very simple manner that is both easy and most importantly, fun.

As Jason says, “most people haven’t gotten hooked on feeling good yet” and once they do, sky’s the limit. In this episode we go through Jason’s story of being a young athlete, finding his passion, how he brainwashed himself to think differently and discovering what makes him tick.

With New Year’s resolutions in full force, we go through easy, actionable steps to get started with creating results today by using a simple system that works for you without completely sacrificing your lifestyle or making it a chore.

To learn more about Jason, visit http://http://arizonahealthclub.com/ and follow him on instagram @JasonSani.

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