Mike Zeller is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for creating extraordinary businesses that serve people exceptionally well. Mike recently launched a Men’s lifestyle clothing brand targeted towards fit men to take the guesswork out of sizing, fit and looking great called Trim.

In this episode, we go through Mike’s journey as an entrepreneur spanning various industries, where he gets his inspiration from, a trip to Argentina where he had a lightbulb moment, creating cultivating and long lasting relationships, slowing down to speed up in a fast-paced world and how he came up with the idea behind Trim.

Lastly, we touch on the major mistakes most Men make in terms of fashion and how they are easily fixable and can change the way a person walks into a room — be it on a date, job interview, negotiation or casually strolling around town.

To learn more about Trim, visit: http://www.weartrim.com/ and enter coupon code “Tommy10” to grab your discount on this awesome gear.

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