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Ep. 71 | Negotiating Reality to Create Anything You Want with Jesse Elder

The latest Resist Average Academy episode features mentor, Improv philosopher, speaker, entrepreneur and martial artist — Jesse Elder.

Jesse’s lifelong experience of learning, hacking reality, creating powerful belief systems and then turning those into results will no doubt fire you up — and he deeply believes anything you and I want is available to us if we’re willing to step into a powerful commitment and see reality a new way.

Known for running his business from his iPhone and using Facebook broadcasts as well as his popular “Mind Vitamin” videos, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Jesse’s teaching firsthand.

In this riveting episode, we go deep on beliefs, transforming reality and truly recognizing we are co-creators of this experience, which is a source of immense power and clarity.

“There’s two options in my life — awesome or fucking awesome.” – Jesse Elder

Ep. 71 | Negotiating Reality to Create Anything You Want with Jesse Elder

In this no-holds-barred, passionate conversation, we’ll teach you:

  • Realizing one’s power of co-creation
  • Why the words we use code our reality
  • What we focus on expands and grows
  • Strategic ignorance as a superpower
  • Why pain is a gift for presence
  • How we stop ourselves from creating what we want
  • The power of de-mystifying money and goals
  • Why we’re all chasing feelings in life
  • Releasing emotional energy and power from money
  • Why the world is changing faster than we can notice
  • Understanding multiple currencies of value exchange
  • Why people repel money from their experience
  • The immense value of betting on one self
  • The four pillars of life-changing commitment
  • Why 3 of the 4 commitments doesn’t work
  • The most powerful statement of self-worth
  • How to step into your powerful alternate reality
  • The power of collapsing time in your life
  • Why the past is an illusion and holds us hostage
  • Cultivating a powerful and inspired tribe
  • The freedom of nothing to prove and nothing to hide
  • Blowing the doors open for flow and creativity

“Nobody really wants more money, a bigger business, days off or a bigger house.” – Jesse Elder

Ep. 71 | Negotiating Reality to Create Anything You Want with Jesse Elder

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