Ep. 73 | Disrupt a Market and Scale Your Business with Yemeni Mesa

The latest Resist Average Academy episode features entrepreneur, health and nutrition enthusiast, former Quest Nutrition head of sales and president of Know Foods — Yemeni Mesa.

Yemeni’s deep experience in product creation, food, disruption and identifying winners in the food industry, combined with his passion for health and fitness make him a powerhouse in this field.

Specifically, in this episode — you’ll get a behind the scenes look at the hyper competitive food industry and how the principles and pillars of success Yemeni has implemented can be used for your business, no matter what industry.

I had the pleasure of meeting him at an event where we both spoke — Meltdown In The Desert 2 here in Phoenix, Arizona.

“I’ve learned I only want to be surrounded by upbeat, driven and optimistic people in life.” — Yemeni Mesa

Ep. 73 | Disrupt a Market and Scale Your Business with Yemeni Mesa

In this no-holds-barred, passionate conversation, we’ll teach you:

  • Yemeni’s journey to the U.S.
  • The biggest lesson learned from his Mother
  • The power of a positive tribe
  • The journey to Quest Nutrition
  • Building a disruptive protein bar
  • Breaking through initial obstacles for success
  • How Quest broke every growth and sales record
  • Shattering records with limited distribution
  • Why you have to start with an amazing product
  • The power of building a raving community
  • Why being patient allowed Quest to scale
  • The core pillars of supersonic growth
  • Creating a mission based culture and team
  • How to inspire every employee with your vision
  • Developing the vision for Know Foods
  • Creating a product line and launch
  • Meeting your customers where they are

“The year we hit $100m in revenue at Quest, was the same year we $300m.” — Yemeni Mesa

Ep. 73 | Disrupt a Market and Scale Your Business with Yemeni Mesa

Ep. 73 | Tired Of Doing Things You Hate In Your Business?

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