Welcome back to another episode of the Resist Average Academy!

In Episode 8, we sit down with Bryce Prescott from the Rules Of Success podcast and blog, real estate entrepreneur and all around genuine, authentic dude who lives by example on a daily basis.

A little known fact is that Bryce was one of the catalysts to launching the academy with his support and guidance over the last few months.

In this episode, we discuss Bryce’s passion for assisting and guiding others to become better versions of themselves, enjoying the process, how he beat cancer on his own terms, launching Rules of Success, the science of getting rich and a practical conversation of what the law of attraction is and isn’t plus so much more.

This episode was fun, engaging and full of practical action steps you can take to level up all areas of your life today.

To learn more about Rules Of Success, head over to: http://www.rulesofsuccess.com.
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