Ep. 137 | Why You Must Be Obsessed with Evan Stewart

Evan Stewart obsessedObsessed.It’s a word most people use when they see someone who is pushing the needle on their lives with a certain intensity and commitment to excellence.

Unfortunately, what most people don’t realize is that this is required and is not optional. Because too many people dabble, go “halfway” and never see the results they dreamed of —due to a lack of intensity.

This is where the Academy’s latest guest comes in —Evan Stewart.

Evan is master coach, trainer, and entrepreneur with years of success building people and businesses to a higher potential. Evan is one of the top real estate producers in his market and has created powerful structures in professional growth and runs the Obsessed Podcast, which I was featured on.

You’re going to love this conversation because of Evan’s alignment with the Academy message: success is an internal and external game and consistency is about having an uncommon dedication to your mission, purpose and life. In this episode, you’re going to discover how to delegate low priority items off your plate, the power of immersive experiences, how to eradicate your excuses and what usually gets in the way of your growth and consistency.

“You must direct your passion and conviction in a way that inspires someone to take action. “– David Epstein

Evan Stewart obsessed
Ep. 137 | Why You Must Be Obsessed with Evan Stewart

I had the pleasure of being invited to Evan’s Obsessed Podcast, and you can find the link to his show and the one I was on, as well as his social media profiles below.

“It’s a lot easier to commit to your calendar than feel like it when you’re in the moment. – Evan Stewart

Ep. 137 | The Leap Of Your Life is Now Released!

Tommy baker leap of your life

No more waiting.

No more hoping.

No more days passing by with your dreams unlived and missing out on the life that’s truly calling you in exchange for what others think you should want.

It’s time to draw a line in the cement and never look back.

Because you and I know the truth:

Nothing will haunt us more than knowing we missed our shot.

My brand new book, The Leap Of Your Life is available now!

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