jason khalipa resist averageEp. 122 | Build Your Champion’s Mindset with Jason Khalipa

What does it mean to be a champion in life and business? The latest Resist Average Academy podcast features a former CrossFit Games Champion, business owner of over 20+ fitness training facilities, entrepreneur and author —Jason Khalipa. Jason is one of CrossFit’s original household names, and if you’re unaware of what it takes to not only compete at the CrossFit Games, but win…it’s a whole new level of commitment, discipline and overcoming adversity.

But the craziest part of Jason Khalipa’s championship standard isn’t what he’s done on the field of play. When he was finishing his career, his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. This was his biggest test to date, and he used the same exact principles that brought him trophies to navigate the emotional stress of uncertainty with his family.

In this episode, we dive deep into the lessons learned from this experience, how to re-frame any negative circumstance, the power of earning your confidence and defining what being a champion means.


During this deep and riveting episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why success is living without regret
  • How to make decisioned based on your priorities
  • How Jason navigated his daughter’s leukemia diagnosis
  • Why self-reflection and introspection are crucial to a purpose life
  • Defining resilience as overcoming adversity
  • How to place your focus on what you can control
  • Why physical training builds resilience for other areas
  • Why confidence is earned through millions of reps
  • How to be the humble student, athlete, and warrior
  • Defining the AMRAP mentality to life and business
  • Why focus and presence is a competitive advantage
  • How to identify your unique version of enduring success
  • Why all long term success starts with simple steps
  • Mastering the basics and fundamentals in physicality
  • How to define what you’re great at in business and delegate

…and so much more in a riveting, powerful and on fire conversation designed to shift your game.

jason khalipa resist average

“You’re not going to put yourself in the best position for success unless you have really earned your confidence.” – Jason Khalipa 

Ep. 122 | Build Your Champion’s Mindset with Jason Khalipa

jason khalipa tommy baker

“Time and dedication to a craft trumps everything else.” – Jason Khalipa

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