Ep. 134 | Escape Mediocrity and Use Pain for Power with Jay Nixon

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Pain is part of life. Let’s face it —the human experience is incredible, and pain is part of it. The avoidance of pain, however —causes immense suffering. And furthermore: your pain can become your power. My latest Academy guest is a dear friend, brother and brother in arms, Jay Nixon.

Often, the funnest episodes I record on the Resist Average Academy are those that could have happened anywhere: during lunch, a phone call, or simply hanging out. With Jay, this is always the case, because we are aligned in our mindsets and missions.

Jay Nixon is an internationally recognized transformation coach who has been profiled by ABS, CBS, and FOX. He has also been featured in magazines such as Health and Triathlete. With his extensive coaching and speaking career and deep life experience, plus his witty but purposeful writing style, there’s no one better qualified to explain the benefits (yes, benefits!) of suffering than Nixon.

Jay is the bestselling author of The Overweight Mind and is now is back with a groundbreaking new book, The Purpose of Pain which we focus on during this episode.

Make no mistake: get ready to wake up and add fuel to your life with this motivating, intense and real episode on what it takes to grow and succeed in your life and business.

You’re also going to discover:

  • Why part of success is boring and anti-climactic
  • How to enjoy the pursuit and process as much as the result
  • Why being a victim can be tempting, but leaves us powerless
  • The key difference between pain and suffering
  • How to separate your identity from your goals
  • The power of raising your standards in life
  • Why Jay wakes up at 4:00AM and why it matters
  • The power of stacking momentum every single day
  • Why your rituals, routines and habits are everything
  • How to talk yourself into your dreams and possibility
  • Why your physicality changes your emotional state
  • How Jay re-framed pain and you can do the exact same

…and so much more in a value-packed conversation that is designed to wake you up.

“I feel rested and rejuvenated when I’m operating at my peak state.” – Jay Nixon

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Ep. 134 | Escape Mediocrity and Use Pain for Power with Jay Nixon

Jay’s fire and intensity is sure to get you thinking bigger and bolder about your life, dreams, goals and targets. He’s going to wake you up to raise your standards, elevate your performance and go all in.

You can find more about Jay’s message here:

“Waking up at 3:30 is easy when you’re living in alignment with your purpose and passion.”  – Jay Nixon 

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Jay and I would love to hear from you on Instagram about what you got from this episode —and specifically, the actions you’re committed to taking every single day to bring your dreams to life.

Ep. 134 | Escape Mediocrity and Use Pain for Power with Jay Nixon

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