Ep. 126 | Revealing the Truth Of Who You Are with Jon Boles

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The latest Academy episode features a local entrepreneur in Arizona who’s built and scaled several businesses and been on a powerful journey of self-discovery, personal growth and revealing his truth —Jon Boles.

I first met Jon at an event we were both speaking at, and we hit it off. Because of his obsession with growth, sharing his story and living the principles of growth and success —there is no doubt you’re going to love this one.

One of the key distinctions was that for us to create transformation and results in our lives —we must be willing to face our baggage of the past, so we can truly let it go. This is where revealing our truth is a crucial step and it can’t be skipped…or else we’ll wind up in the same exact place time and time again.

Because without this, none of the external mechanisms for avoidance, distraction and “soothing” are going to work —at least not the way we define working here on the Academy.

This episode was also recorded on video in studio here in Scottsdale, AZ —so make sure to check it out below or on YouTube as well for an in-depth session and powerful conversation,

During this deep and riveting episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why Jon is reading one book every week
  • Why we’re chasing external objects for a feeling
  • How to become an authority by providing value
  • The power of becoming (and revealing) who you are
  • Why our childhood moments manifest in today’s challenges
  • The power of immersive and experiential coaching
  • Why we must have a vision bigger than ourselves
  • Dissolving the ego to create long term transformation
  • Why real freedom and power are on the other side of pain
  • Why an ego check is a great way to shift identity
  • How to increase your emotional capacity for growth
  • Why sometimes we must cut people out and be in solitude
  • The art and science of clear communication for relationships

…and so much more in a riveting, powerful and on fire conversation designed to shift your game.

Every person is where they’re at because of one pivotal moment in their childhood. – Jon Boles

Ep. 126 | Revealing the Truth Of Who You Are with Jon Boles

We had an awesome, in-studio conversation with Jon Boles here in Scottsdale, AZ —check out the full video interview below and let us know what your biggest takeaway was by tagging us on Instagram and other social outlets.

Business systems are nothing unless you figure out your past and the vision to where you’re going. – Jon Boles 

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