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How To Make Money During Quarantine

You need to make ends meet, and you’re looking for ways to make money during a stressful quarantine season.

Maybe you lost your job.
Maybe you lost your gig.
Maybe you lost your client.

(I’ve been there countless times —over and over.)

But now what?

I wanted to shoot this video after coaching people during the last few months on identifying, acquiring and marketing the skills they already have.

What I noticed during this time was they were believing 3 Myths that were holding them back:

1. No one is spending money right now.

TRUTH: People are spending tons of money right now for the same skills you currently have.

2. You need to build skills for 3-6 months.

TRUTH: You have an “above average” skill right now that you can use to make income.

3. You must have a fancy website or funnel.

TRUTH: You need to be creative and websites don’t mean anything.

I chose to email five friends and ask them what they had spent money on during season.

Here’s what they told me:

Graphic design.
Research assistant.
Website creation.
Online learning.
Digital courses.
Health & fitness.
Meal plans/recipes.
At home workouts.
Virtual lessons.
Skill training.
Online hobbies.
Books and media.
Social media help.
Project management.
Content creation.
Spiritual counseling.

In this video, I will take you through a step-by-step process I’ve used on countless clients and in my courses, seminars and books to help you monetize during this season.

Video: 7 Steps To Monetize Right Now

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