Ep. 113 | Think Like a Billionaire with Naveen Jain


What really separates them from you and I? Today I’ll have you consider it has very little to do with talent, skill or experience.

Sure, those matter. But the number one difference between us and billionaires is one thing: how we think, and look at problems in our lives and the marketplace.

The latest Academy episode features entrepreneur, billionaire and philanthropist —Naveen Jain. Naveen is driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovation. He’s the founder of several successful companies including Moon Express, Viome, Bluedot, TalentWise, Intelius, and many more. He’s obsessed with moonshot thinking: having the audacity to not only dream bigger…but pursue those dreams.

He’s someone committed to changing the world, and radically shifting the way we experience our planet on a daily basis.

In this passionate and inspiring conversation with Naveen Jain, you’ll discover:

  • Why we all need to harness moonshot thinking
  • How to dream bigger and bolder in life and business
  • Why individuals are the next superpowers
  • How talent is now globalized and why it matters
  • Why solving problems is all about thinking differently
  • Using our imagination to solve complex problems
  • How to focus on possibility instead of impossibility
  • The difference between linear and exponential thinking
  • Why being an expert can be a massive roadblock
  • How to challenge and disrupt an industry
  • Why Naveen is choosing to make illness optional
  • Why the microbiome is where disease happens
  • If people don’t call you crazy, you’re playing small
  • Why being an entrepreneur means burning Plan B

“Moonshot thinking is about dreaming the world you want to live in and then creating it.” – Naveen Jain 

Ep. 113 | Think Like a Billionaire with Naveen Jain

“Asking the right set of questions allows you to solve the right problems.” – Naveen Jain 

Ep. 113 | Think Like a Billionaire with Naveen Jain

Ep. 113| Does Your Health Hold You Back?

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