Ep. 115 | One Last Talk with Philip McKernan

one last talk

If you had one last talk to share with the world, what would you say?

Would you share your deepest truth, your gift —and even show the side of you that few people get to see?

I hope so, and my latest Resist Average Academy podcast guest created the One Last Talk speaking series —as well as being a transformational coach. Philip McKernan works with business leaders all over the world to help them create clarity, move through roadblocks, and tap into their power.

As a speaker he has inspired and challenged the Canadian Olympic Team and The Pentagon to name a few.

I first saw Philip speak at THRIVE, and he impacted me with his intensity, clarity and ability to cut through the bullshit and get to what really matters.

And fortunately for you, he does the same during this awesome conversation where we deep dive into the illusion of clarity, why most people stay stuck and why change can seem impossible.

This isn’t for the faint of heart, but that’s not what you’re here for. Buckle up, take notes and get ready to be inspired and challenged in ways you haven’t before.

During this deep and riveting episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why most people die with sinking regret
  • How to give ourselves permission to do what we love
  • Why we create illusions of lack of clarity in our lives
  • Why everything in life comes back to self worth
  • How our ego gets in the way of deep inner work
  • Why we’re always the problem and how to fix it
  • How our brain keeps us stuck and spinning our wheels
  • Why your greatest growth comes from the pain
  • The difference between excitement and true passion
  • Why a lack of urgency creates stagnation in life
  • How to use meditation to enhance our journey
  • Why you don’t really want clarity and avoid getting it
  • The power of radical honesty with ourselves
  • How to shift the part of your life you don’t like
  • Why regret compounds on small decisions
  • Why making life hard is a choice we make

…and so much more in a riveting, powerful and on fire conversation designed to shift your game.

We give ourselves exactly what we feel we deserve. – Philip McKernan 

Ep. 115 | One Last Talk with Philip McKernan

Most people are coasting through life and using a lack of clarity for not making change. – Philip McKernan 

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