Welcome to another edition of Quick Hit Fridays from the Resist Average Academy!

n this episode, I discuss how to take your grand vision and how that dictates what you do tomorrow morning. This is a big deal I see with people who always set large visions, yet never wind up doing much. I believe both parts are crucial to growth: the big vision, but also having the framework for dictating your behaviors right now.

  • What is your daily vision?
  • Complete your morning routine.
  • What are your Key 3 or 4 priorities?

The purpose of the Quick Hit Episodes is to give you a 4-8 minute nugget of wisdom, inspirational, a lesson and combine it with a practical action step so you can finish your weaken absolute fire!

I understand not everyone has 45-60 minutes to listen to every full-length episode and will be hitting all kinds of new topics as well as taking feedback from you, my loyal listener on what to include during the next Quick Hit.

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