Quick Hit Friday #4: How You Live Is How You Love

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I’m excited to introduce a weekly Friday episode called a Resist Average Quick Hit. These episodes will appear every Friday and will be way shorter than our usual Monday full length, interview style episodes.
The purpose of the Quick Hit Episodes is to give you a 4-8 minute nugget of wisdom, inspirational, a lesson and combine it with a practical action step so you can finish your weaken absolute fire!
I understand not everyone has 45-60 minutes to listen to every full-length episode and will be hitting all kinds of new topics as well as taking feedback from you, my loyal listener on what to include during the next Quick Hit.
In this episode, I go through a concept about attracting amazing relationships into your life by being the person you want to attract and how your life demonstrates your capacity to love with passion, energy and a sense of who you are and what truly matters to you.
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