Ep. 60 | Raise Your Standards And Dominate The Game With Niyi Sobo

Niyi Sobo is a former NFL player, father of 5 and host of Sports Motivation Podcast and the founder of I’m Not You where he is dedicated to teaching athletes and other top performers the mindset and systems they need to dominate in any environment.

In this episode, we dig deep into the psychology of world-class athletes, resilience, how to keep going when the chips are stacked against you, how Niyi made it to the 1% of college players who make it to the NFL, the difference between average, great and world-class, why talent is never enough, and so much more.

Let’s face it: only 2-5% of the population in life is living with an intensity to achieve their dreams, and there is no doubt Niyi is one of them. You’ll no doubt be fired up with this conversation as you start your week.

I don’t believe in failure. – Niyi Sobo

Ep. 60 | Show Notes

During this episode with Shane, we discuss:

  • How to be fearless
  • The ‘I’m Not You’ mentality
  • How to let go of the ‘average’ mindset
  • Becoming the lion in life
  • Why environment is so crucial to our growth
  • How to be ruthless with your standards
  • Detaching from the outcomes in life
  • Assume the results in your life
  • What separates the 1% of college players who make it pro
  • How to get radically honest about where you are
  • Be willing to go through the fire
  • The power of reflection and assessment
  • Why systems are better than goals
  • How to measure success in relationships
  • Why the best leaders are coachable

Systems are for winners, goals are for losers.

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