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Seasons Of Life and Business | VLOG #002

Your business, life and growth is never linear —they are cyclical and operate in seasons.

Let me explain:

Nature can be one of our greatest teachers for the ebb and flow of our lives —because nothing escapes the cyclical nature of her.

In regards to our life and business, we will be operating in different seasons for different periods of time —and it’s crucial to know which one you’re in.

Here are the seasons and how to know which one you’re in:

Winter Season

Winter season is the time when we slow down, we recover, re-store and go into hibernation with the fruit of our results and creation. In Winter, you can seem to feel “off” and “unmotivated” —this is a sign that you need to go inward and focus on more inner work, letting things go and taking time off.

Spring Season

Spring is all about potential and possibility —and this is when you’re planting seeds, ideas, projects and creative endeavors.

You feel excited about what’s next, and while you can’t fully see it yet —you’re doing the intense preparation behind-the-scenes every single day.

Summer Season

All of the work from the Spring has paid off —and everything is thriving and flourishing.

What was only an idea in Spring is now completed and released into the world. In this season, you’re full of energy and momentum.

Fall Season

Fall season means it’s time to harvest and enjoy the fruits of an intense and busy Spring and Summer.

It’s time to celebrate, show gratitude and slow down to enjoy all of the hard work you’ve put in.

Whichever season you’re in —make sure you are FULLY there and allowing yourself to experience it all. Remember: there are no ’specific’ timeframes for seasons, as I’ve recently completed a 5-year cycle of being in the Spring/Summer seasons.

Like nature, you can’t be in one stage forever —or you’ll die, quit, or simply give up.

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Seasons Of Life and Business | VLOG #002

This brand new vlog was designed for two types of people: the ambitious, the dreamers and those chasing down their dreams to take a look at what it really takes to bring your dreams come true.

The second type of person is a thought leader, coach or has an expertise they are packaging, teaching and monetizing. These episodes will be focused on sharing and expanding your message, and getting traction in your niche.

Each episode will speak directly to one or both of the above —showcasing the opportunities of living this life while also showing you the challenges and the emotional resilience you’ll need along the way.

Seasons Of Life and Business | VLOG #002

I can’t wait to dig deep into this new creative endeavor and help you overcome obstacles and step into your greatness.

If there’s any topics, themes or questions you want answered, simply head over to the channel, subscribe and leave me a comment on what specifically you want covered.

I’m excited to bring this to the world!

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