Ep. 59 | How Floating Can Change Your Life with Shane Stott

Shane Stott is CEO of Walker Tape Co, and the co-founder of Zen Float Co as well as best -selling Author of the Float Tank Cure. He’s an inventor at heart and has revolutionized both of his industries, being featured on ABC, MSN, The New York Times and Yahoo.

In this episode, I really wanted to find the uttermost expert on floating, or what some people call sensory deprivation. This practice of isolation to increase mental, physical and emotional bandwidth by reducing the stimulus of life has exploded in popularity, and I’m a huge fan of it.

To date, I’ve spent around 45 hours in a tank and without a doubt I can say it has had a massive impact on my physical, mental and emotional growth as well as integration in life’s opportunities and challenges.

Furthermore, disconnecting in a hyper-connected world is crucial and allows us to create more space for reflection, asking deeper questions and knowing we’re on our life’s purpose.

I’m absolutely convinced the #1 trait from someone who makes it or doesn’t is simply endurance.

Ep. 59 | Show Notes

During this episode with Shane, we discuss:

  • How floating works and the ‘why’ behind it
  • The difference between meditation and floating
  • Shane’s floating discovery during a difficult period
  • How an interest turned to creating a full-time business
  • Shane’s first kickstarter campaign and the massive success
  • Why focusing on creating a life-changing product kept Shane going
  • The power of long-term consistency and endurance in life and business
  • The ripple effect of impacting one life
  • Why people float and some of the biggest benefits in life
  • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • Why it’s important to try at least 3 floats
  • How society normalizes stress instead of releasing it
  • The power of turning off and going within
  • How floating affects veterans and others with PTSD
  • Cutting athletic recovery time down by 50%
  • Why the main benefits happen outside of the tank
  • The importance of releasing expectations
  • How floating impacts your sleep and regeneration
  • The Float Tank Cure documentary

The more you float, the more life is peaceful. The real benefits happen outside of the tank.

Ep. 59 | The Float Tank Cure Documentary

Ep. 59 | Show Links

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