Ep. 128 | From Super Bowl to Letting Go with Steve Weatherford

Steve Weatherford Tommy BakerThe latest Academy episode features a friend of mine, someone who I’ve developed a relationship for the last couple years —Steve Weatherford.

Steve is a Super Bowl-winning champion for the New York Giants and spent 10 years in the NFL. He won the Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award and was also named the NFL’s “Fittest” Player. He’s a Father of 5 amazing children, an entrepreneur, a speaker and someone who is going down the rabbit hole of deep transformation.

One of the reasons I connected with Steve is after the pinnacle of achievement, he felt like something was missing. He felt empty at times —and that’s when he went all in on discovering who he really was. He was pushed to achieve out of a lack of self worth —which we’ve all experienced. But his transformation during the last 18 months has been incredible, and I’ve been blessed to see it come to life firsthand.

There is no doubt you’re going to leave this conversation with a much deeper perspective on your growth, life and ability to achieve the results you desire —while focusing on what truly matters every single day. Because too often, you and I choose to focus only on external growth at the expense of our internal growth…and it causes us a lot of emotional pain and can feel us leaving like we’re on the wrong path.

Not anymore.

During this powerful episode, you’re going to discover:

  • Why Steve valued the pursuit of money because he didn’t have it
  • How Steve re-defined his view of success from NFL to business
  • The difference between achievement and fulfillment in life
  • Changing your language from “have to” to “get to”
  • Gratitude in our lives creates a deep level of abundance
  • When you’re in scarcity, nothing you do is ever enough
  • Why Steve was driven to achieve out of lacking self-worth
  • Why achievement alone never lasts and can feel empty
  • The power of internal fulfillment and external achievement
  • How to build the best relationship with yourself
  • Why self-accountability starts with appreciating you
  • The keys to getting out of your own way and growing
  • Why business growth starts with personal growth first
  • Audit your friends, the people you follow and your Tribe

…and so much more in a riveting, powerful and on fire conversation designed to shift your game.

Do a friend audit and create space for new people to breathe life into you. – Steve Weatherford

Steve Weatherford podcast

Ep. 128 | From Super Bowl to Letting Go with Steve Weatherford

We had an awesome, in-studio conversation with Steve Weatherford at his studio in San Diego, California —the video will be posted to YouTube when ready but in the meantime make sure to listen to the amazing audio version and check Steve out online.

When you have a great relationship with yourself, you can detach yourself from the result. – Steve Weatherford 

Steve Weatherford podcast

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