Ep. 132 | Turn Up The Volume of Your Dreams with Tim Storey

Tim story Tommy bakerYour dreams will require you to have a level of faith that right now may seem impossible. They will require you to have undeniable trust, resilience, and belief —and will be tested time and time again. You will be brought to your knees, you will question your path, you will want to give up.

But it’s all worth it, and this is where today’s guest comes in. He’s a total rockstar, visionary and leader of countless people, Tim Storey. He is an acclaimed author, speaker, and life coach helping people create the future they desire.

He has inspired people from all walks of life, from entertainment legends to professional athletes… from executives to deprived children throughout the world. Drawing on countless stories and experiences from world class athletes to Oprah Winfrey and Hollywood celebrities, prepare to be moved. Prepare to be inspired. And prepare to deep your mission and purpose on this planet.

In this episode with Tim Storey, we dive deep into the undeniable courage, faith, trust and resilience your dreams will have. We tap into your purpose, how to not miss the present moment along the way and the truth about enduring success.

“Life begins to knock the volume out of you and that happens through life interruptions.”– Tim Storey 

Ep. 132 | Turn Up The Volume of Your Dreams with Tim Storey

Having Tim on the Academy was a pleasure, and there was an epic moment where he challenged me about our goals, dreams and targets being much harder than we believe. And guess what? I absolutely loved it, because I agree: the pursuit will be hard, but that’s why you will honor and value it.

You can find his story and message online here:

 “I don’t want everything to have grace and ease.” – Tim Storey

Tim Storey

Ep. 132 | The Leap Of Your Life is Out Now!

Tommy bakerNo more waiting.

No more hoping.

No more days passing by with your dreams unlived and missing out on the life that’s truly calling you in exchange for what others think you should want.

It’s time to draw a line in the cement and never look back.

Because you and I know the truth:

Nothing will haunt us more than knowing we missed our shot.

My brand new book, The Leap Of Your Life is available now!

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