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Today we’re super pumped and excited to announce the brand new Resist Average Experience vlog by Tommy Baker —a new creative project where our mission is to deep dive into the mindsets, tactics, principles and in-the-trenches work to reverse engineer your success.

Now, you may be thinking:

Do we really need another vlog?

Like anything, there is a lot of noise out there —and I wanted to offer an alternative to the podcast for those who want to see a behind-the-scenes look at what ambitious growth looks like while building a lifestyle and business in the world of thought leadership, coaching and packaging expertise.

Check out the first episode below and make sure to subscribe to the channel now to ensure you don’t miss our weekly episodes, Q+A and even live training sessions.

Who’s The Vlog For?

This brand new vlog was designed for two types of people: the ambitious, the dreamers and those chasing down their dreams to take a look at what it really takes to bring your dreams come true.

The second type of person is a thought leader, coach or has an expertise they are packaging, teaching and monetizing. These episodes will be focused on sharing and expanding your message, and getting traction in your niche.

Each episode will speak directly to one or both of the above —showcasing the opportunities of living this life while also showing you the challenges and the emotional resilience you’ll need along the way.

VLOG #001 | Resist Average Experience

I can’t wait to dig deep into this new creative endeavor and help you overcome obstacles and step into your greatness.

If there’s any topics, themes or questions you want answered, simply head over to the channel, subscribe and leave me a comment on what specifically you want covered.

I’m excited to bring this to the world!

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