Let’s make your impossible dream possible. I work with those who are tired of sitting on the sidelines and ready to create exponential growth using The Integration Experience™.

Resist Average


The Resist Average Intensive Mastermind is an intimate, 12 week experience where you’ll roll with a like minded tribe to create one year’s worth of results in 90 days.

That’s the point. Exclusively for entrepreneurs or solopreneurs who are ready to create exponential growth. If you want to “get a little better”, this is not for you.

The Intensive Mastermind runs four times a year and fills up in advance.



If you’re ready for a transformation unlike another other, join me in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona for a one day intensive.

During this experience, we will deep dive into every area of your life using the The Integration Experience and you will leave refreshed, clear, and with absolute certainty of your path in life.

This immersive experience is unlike any other coaching program, and we will be doing several activities to expand your comfort zone, all while teaching you the tools, strategies and breaking through mindsets that have held you back.

You’ll leave with more clarity, power and purpose than you ever have, and with a battle tested action plan to help you execute like never before.

Me and you for an entire day can lead to miracles. Let’s make it happen.



If you’re looking for someone to compel, inspire and captivate your event, conference or mastermind —that’s what I do.

The 1% Rule – Why Goal Setting Is Broken And How To Reverse Engineer Your Success

Core themes and topics include:

  • 7 Ways To Level Up Your Life – How To Live An Intentional Life Of Meaning And Passion
  • The Journey Is The Win – Why Success Is A Daily Event, And Never A Destination
  • Wake Up – The 7 Step Framework To Owning Every Area Of Your Life
  • Custom Speeches – In the world of personal development, success, online marketing, podcasting, building a tribe, entrepreneurship and Men’s work.

Here’s What Others Just Like You Have Said About My Programs…

As a Coach myself — I’ve received more value from 6 months with Tommy than the last DECADE of working with anyone else. Don’t think, just do it.

Luke KayyemFittest Tribe Alive

In the last 8 weeks, I grew more than the 6 years of formal education, including a Master’s degree.

Chad McKorkieExecutive

I've had the chance to work with many truly amazing and inspiring leaders in business and government, including the CEO of G.E. and I can honestly say I wish I had a team full of Tommy Bakers.

Ann KSenior VP, General Electric

For the first time in my life, I got clear and felt certain about my path, improved every aspect of my business and got rid of my anxious mind.

Julian RFitness Entrepreneur

Your life will be touched and transformed in more ways than one.

Jeff DSerial Entrepreneur

Tommy is the main responsible for a massive change I had on my health and fitness which translated to the rest of life.

Alberto EVenture Capitalist, Entrepreneur

Only you and my family will ever know how much you've helped me.

David PNBC Sports Exec

With Tommy's support, I felt incredibly empowered, enlivened and aligned with intention and purpose.

Karen KMother & Business Owner


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