The 1% Rule: How To Fall in Love with The Process and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

“The 1% Rule,” is now available.

This book was crafted with you in mind:

  • For those who are fed up with going nowhere fast.
  • For individuals who’ve aimed high but seen little alteration in their lives.
  • For anyone drowning in the din and feeling their self-assurance slip away.

The honest truth is:

The 1% Rule is the book I wish I had.

Because I’ve been where you’ve been —and needed a way out.


Tried Everything, and Felt Stuck

The 1% Rule book review

In a candid interview, the author of “The 1% Rule” shared insights into the journey of self-improvement and the challenges that come with it.

His experiences resonate with many of us who have sought change through various means, only to find ourselves back where we started, minus the financial investment.

The Cycle of Effort and Stagnation

“I tried everything,” the author confessed, reflecting on his extensive efforts to grow through workshops and expert advice.

“Yet, despite the flood of motivation, I’d return home to unchanged circumstances, with only my finances taking a hit.”

This cycle of high hopes followed by disappointment led to a significant amount of self-doubt, a sentiment familiar to many in the pursuit of personal development.

The Revelation

The turning point came with the realization that crafting a vision was just the beginning.

“It might seem straightforward, but none of the programs or workshops showed me how to methodically work backwards from my goals,”

he shared.

This lack of practical tools to bridge the gap between current realities and aspirations was a critical missing piece in his journey.

Developing a New Framework

Driven by his experiences, the author developed his own framework, detailed in “The 1% Rule.” “This framework is designed to empower you to regain control and reaffirm your belief in your capabilities, irrespective of past setbacks,” he explained.

It’s a testament to his belief that with the right approach, overcoming stagnation is not just possible but inevitable.

A Universal Struggle

“Each time we set a goal and fail to progress, we chip away at our self-belief,”

the author noted, highlighting a universal struggle. Yet, he remains optimistic, “But that doesn’t have to be your story.”

His words serve as a reminder of the resilience within each of us, capable of overcoming disillusionment and disarray.

The 1% Rule

The author went through the core questions that drove his exploration:

  • Why do some individuals achieve remarkable success effortlessly, while others remain stagnant?
  • What distinguishes those who are perpetually motivated from those who burn out quickly?

These questions became the foundation of “The 1% Rule,” guiding a comprehensive investigation into the mechanics of success and motivation.

Through extensive research and personal experimentation, the author discovered that the key lies not in monumental efforts or extraordinary talent, but in the consistent application of small, manageable improvements.

The concept of “The 1% Rule” is built on the idea that making a 1% improvement each day leads to exponential growth over time. This approach demystifies the process of achievement, making it accessible to anyone willing to commit to gradual, continuous progress.

The author identified several factors that contribute to the success of those who seem to achieve effortlessly.

These individuals often adopt a mindset focused on steady, incremental gains rather than overwhelming, immediate results.

They understand that success is a marathon, not a sprint, and they embrace the journey of constant improvement.

In contrast, those who remain stagnant or quickly burn out tend to be overwhelmed by the enormity of their goals.

They either attempt to make drastic changes all at once, leading to exhaustion and discouragement, or they become paralyzed by the fear of failure and the perceived difficulty of the task ahead.

“The 1% Rule” addresses these pitfalls by breaking down the path to success into small, attainable steps, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivation that fuels sustained effort.

A Multifaceted Approach

Multifaceted Approach - The 1% Rule book

“Nothing was off limits,” the author stated, emphasizing his holistic approach to understanding success. This broad and inclusive perspective shaped the foundation of “The 1% Rule,” as he sought wisdom from a variety of experiences and disciplines.

The author’s journey to uncover the principles of sustained success led him through numerous physical challenges, where he tested his limits and gained insights into perseverance and resilience.

These experiences highlighted the importance of physical health and stamina in achieving long-term goals, demonstrating how small, consistent efforts in fitness can lead to significant improvements over time.

In addition to physical endeavors, the author immersed himself in spiritual retreats, exploring the depths of mindfulness, meditation, and inner peace. These spiritual practices provided him with valuable lessons on focus, clarity, and the power of a calm, centered mind.

The integration of these spiritual insights into “The 1% Rule” underscores the significance of mental and emotional well-being in the pursuit of success.

Entrepreneurial ventures also played a crucial role in his exploration. By diving into the world of business and innovation, the author learned firsthand about the importance of adaptability, strategic thinking, and incremental progress.

These experiences reinforced the idea that even in the fast-paced, competitive landscape of entrepreneurship, the principles of small, consistent improvements can lead to remarkable success.

The author didn’t limit his exploration to these areas alone. He delved into diverse fields such as art, science, and education, seeking out experts and learning from their unique approaches to mastery and achievement.

This multifaceted approach allowed him to gather a rich tapestry of knowledge, which he skillfully wove into the fabric of “The 1% Rule.”

Breakthrough Realizations

Breakthrough Realizations - The 1% Rule

The pivotal moment came when the author began to see the patterns and principles shared by those who consistently excel.

“Nothing separates you and me from those we admire at the top of the mountain—we’re one and the same,”

he revealed.

The difference lies in perception, clarity in goal-setting, and the habits cultivated to achieve success.

Debunking Myths and Embracing New Patterns

One of the most significant insights was the realization that common myths about success hold many back.

Letting go of these myths and adopting new behaviors and mindsets is crucial for powerful execution and becoming unstoppable.

The Genesis of “The 1% Rule”

The insights that led to “The 1% Rule” were forged over a decade of rigorous research and personal experiences.

Through these years, a pattern emerged that highlighted a common challenge faced by many talented individuals: the struggle to maintain momentum towards their goals.

Despite their capabilities and initial enthusiasm, many found themselves slipping back into old habits and eventually giving up on their dreams.

This recurring observation served as the catalyst for the creation of “The 1% Rule.”

The book addresses this critical issue by offering a practical and sustainable approach to goal achievement.

It emphasizes the power of small, consistent improvements, helping individuals to break free from the cycle of starting strong but failing to sustain progress.

A Manifesto for Change

“This is your manifesto,”

the author declared, addressing readers seeking to bridge the gap between their current state and their aspirations.

The book aims to offer a new perspective, alleviate self-imposed pressure, and provide a system for lifelong achievement and fulfillment.

The 1% Rule Reviews

The 1% Rule Reviews

It’s been absolutely incredible to read the reviews about The 1% Rule, and I wanted to share some with you.

I am on a journey at the moment and am struggling to stay in track. This book helped me decide to take time out of my busy day this week and work on core outcomes, core processes and 1% processes. It inspired me to spend nearly two hours working on these things alone and I feel closer to bridging that gap between where I am at the moment and my original 6 month(now 4 month vision) because of it. Thank you Tommy Baker. – A Cahill

The best book I’ve read in a long time! The problem with most “self-help” books is that they contains a ton of great thoughts and theories without any actionable steps to take now. Not the case with this book. Tommy Baker does an excellent job at getting to the core of the problems, instilling motivation, and then giving action steps that can be taken right now to move forward and make progress. I highly recommend this book for anyone considering it. – Matt Olsen

This book delivers great tools both for personal development, business management and entrepreneurship. Very well written, focused and easy to understand, it is totally a “hands-on book” from the first chapter up to the last one. Don’t expect the ultra-fast get rich / get famous schemes. However, along the book there are many quick wins that, when used, will change your life immediately. – M Alcantara

Tommy Baker is my new favorite author and this is my new favorite book! I have implemented some of his suggestions (Pomodoro Technique), and see the difference in my daily routine already. I have no doubt that my business will look completely different in 90 Days. -Julie S