Your Lack of Enthusiasm Is Killing You and How to Get It Back

I recall arriving at the office in my college roommate’s Honda Accord, peculiarly equipped with a full home theater system on the dashboard. It was quite the scene, pulling into a financial services firm at dawn, with the movie “Boiler Room” echoing loudly, embodying a cliché to the fullest.

This display of zeal, for a job many couldn’t handle for more than a few days, quickly set me on a path to lead the program.

I observed numerous young individuals come and go, merely marking time, a clear sign of being dispensable in that line of work.

Despite recognizing it wasn’t my ultimate vocation and knowing my tenure would be brief, I was committed to giving my all to whatever task lay before me.

Key Takeaways

  • Engage in a loved activity daily to fuel personal joy.
  • Cultivate curiosity to enhance life’s vibrancy and perspective.
  • View past negatives as blessings for a positive outlook.
  • Surround yourself with positive, energetic people to maintain enthusiasm.
  • Create personal triggers (e.g., music, nature) to boost energy and inspiration.
  • Practice presence to fully experience and enjoy moments.
  • Care for your body through hydration, nutrition, and sleep for better energy.
  • “Act as if” to embody enthusiasm and attract positive changes.

Land Of The Zombies

Stroll through any mall today, and you’ll notice that many people seem to have turned into actual zombies.

There’s a pervasive lack of energy, no spark of life; everything feels automated, dull, and devoid of passion.

I found myself at a concert not long ago, expecting an atmosphere of unrestrained excitement — instead, the crowd stood motionless, arms folded, even as their favorite performer gave their all on stage.

What’s noticeably absent in many is simply enthusiasm — a quality I consider vital to the human experience.

It’s often said that enthusiasm can compensate for many shortcomings, and I firmly believe this to be true.

Recall a dining experience where the server was exceptionally lively and engaging:

Their energy likely enhanced your meal, uplifted everyone at your table, and perhaps even inspired you to leave a generous tip — such is the influence of enthusiasm.

In this discussion, we’ll explore 8 strategies to boost your enthusiasm starting right now.

1. Do Things You Love

Make it a point to engage in one activity you adore every day.

Regardless of whether you’re juggling a full-time job, family obligations, or a myriad of other duties, carve out time for something that’s just for you.

This could be something as straightforward as reading a bit of a book, enjoying a meaningful conversation, spending a few moments outdoors — choose something and deem it utterly non-negotiable.

Action Step: Select an activity you genuinely enjoy and can commit to daily without external motivation, and incorporate it into your schedule.

2. Be More Curious

Recently, I captured a video discussing our dwindling spark of curiosity — what once blazed like a wildfire in our childhood now barely glimmers, on the brink of extinguishing.

Curiosity is intrinsically linked to our enthusiasm. Anyone who has watched children can attest to this.

To rekindle this flame, engage with life with genuine interest. Ask profound questions, dive into learning something new, or gaze at the stars, pondering the universe’s mysteries.

Reviving your curiosity will transform your approach to life and your perception of the world.

Action: Dedicate a moment each day to cultivate curiosity, whether by engaging in an unbiased conversation, fully immersing in the present, or introducing a dash of adventure into your daily routine.

3. See The Benefit In Every Situation

Complainers and negative people suck the lifeblood out of any enthusiasm.

They see everything as a negative and put themselves in victim mode which is not only a massive turn off, but is a black hole for any positive energy.

If you look back on your life on situations you once considered negative, it’s likely you now see them as a blessing.

  • That time you got fired unexpectedly? It woke you up to a new, passionate career.
  • When you got dumped for seemingly no reason? It allowed you to work on yourself and not cling to something that wasn’t going to work anyway.

When you see everything from a positive angle, you’re using the power of an abundant mindset which is associated with a high level of enthusiasm and is contagious.

Action Step: What part of your past are you clinging on to? Write it down and examine how this benefited you long term.

4. Surround Yourself With Energy

To truly embrace a life filled with passion and enthusiasm, it’s crucial to be in the company of those who share similar values.

No matter how passionate or engaged you are, being surrounded by 99 negative and dispirited individuals will eventually take its toll. Initially, you might resist, but after a year, their influence is likely to have dimmed your spark, underscoring how significantly your environment impacts you.

Take a moment to evaluate your social circle. Identify those who uplift and inspire you versus those who drain your energy and foster a pessimistic outlook on life.

Action Step: Seek out and spend time with people who are enthusiastic and have interests aligned with yours. This connection is vital for maintaining and amplifying your zest for life.

5. Create Triggers To Pump You Up

I was on a podcast recently and I was asked:

Dude, how are you always seemingly on fire and inspired?

My answer was simple: I have trained my body and mind for years to get into this state on 85–90% of my days.

I’ve worked my ass off and there’s no looking back — and you can as well.

The key is to create triggers that put you into this state, such as:

  • Intense physical training
  • Being in nature
  • Rocking out to music
  • Listening to inspiring podcasts
  • Having an amazing conversation
  • Creating a morning ritual

…and more. This varies person to person, maybe the way you create your trigger is to wear your favorite outfit, or being creative.

Action Step: Find 3 triggers that naturally raise your enthusiasm and begin to harness them as much as you can.

6. Wherever You Are, Be Entirely There

Have you ever found yourself in a breathtaking setting, yet your mind was elsewhere?

Imagine witnessing a beautiful sunset or dining with close friends, but not being fully present. Later, you realize you missed out on truly experiencing the moment.

Being present amplifies enthusiasm by engaging all five senses, allowing you to fully immerse in the moment, breaking the constraints of time, and fostering genuine connections and experiences.

Often, we’re not entirely present in our experiences; we’re distracted by our phones, preoccupied with financial worries, or bogged down by various insecurities and doubts.

Action Step: Recognize what causes your mind to wander during experiences. Make a conscious effort to keep your phone away and be fully present in the moment.

7. Appreciate Your Body

Your enthusiasm for life is deeply connected to how well you care for and nourish your body each day.

Every action we undertake, including reading this text, consumes a portion of our mental and physical energy.

Thus, it’s no wonder many feel like they’re merely going through the motions, drained by diets heavy in sugar and processed foods, poor sleep quality, and hormonal imbalances.

Action Step: Start with the basics—prioritize staying hydrated, eating whole foods, and aiming for an extra hour of sleep each night.

8. Act As If

Lastly, take yourself mentally to a place where you are the enthusiastic person, you’re the one full of passion, you’re the one who attracts and connects other people.

Feels pretty awesome, right?

“If you want to be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic.” — Dale Carnegie

You can make this happen, but in the meantime, act as if.

Inject this energy into a conversation today and understand who you were yesterday is not who you are today.

You can change your mindset and behaviors at this very moment to become whatever you’d like to be.

Action Step: Make the choice to simply change the way you behave today, do one thing differently and inject enthusiasm into it.


1. How can I maintain enthusiasm during challenging times?

Acknowledge your feelings and challenges without dwelling on them. Focus on small, achievable goals to create a sense of progress and maintain a gratitude journal to remind yourself of the positives in your life.

2. Can enthusiasm be learned or is it a natural trait?

Enthusiasm can be cultivated and learned. It involves adopting a mindset that seeks out the positive and engaging in activities that naturally boost your energy and excitement levels.

3. How does enthusiasm impact mental health?

Enthusiasm can significantly improve mental health by reducing stress, enhancing mood, and increasing overall life satisfaction. It encourages a positive outlook that can help in coping with anxiety and depression.

4. What role does enthusiasm play in personal relationships?

Enthusiasm in personal relationships fosters deeper connections, improves communication, and creates a more positive, engaging environment for both parties. It can reignite passion and interest in long-term relationships.

5. How can I differentiate between genuine enthusiasm and forced positivity?

Genuine enthusiasm comes from a place of authentic interest and joy, while forced positivity often feels hollow and can be draining. Listen to your emotions and body signals to distinguish between the two.

6. Are there any exercises or practices to increase enthusiasm daily?

Yes, practices such as mindfulness meditation, setting daily intentions, engaging in physical activity, and dedicating time to hobbies or interests can increase enthusiasm. Regularly practicing gratitude and visualizing positive outcomes also helps.

Final Words

There are no downsides to enthusiasm.

It’s attractive, contagious, attracts opportunities, gets you remembered, and can change your entire experience.

Sounds pretty amazing, huh?

Use the above to start injecting enthusiasm in things you do today and watch yourself not only grow but also experience a deeper level of fulfillment which is going to impact every area of your life.